XF 2.2 How to modify registration form?


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I recently migrated from VB and have a registration form that I would like to make a small change to, so I have a couple of questions.

My current registration form has a required field called "Location (city, state)", as seen in attached image. Right below that I ask what British cars they own.

When users use auto-fill, they end up with their city in the location field and their state (or country) in the filed asking about British cars.

I would like to have that location field split into a Town/City field and a second "State/ country" field so that auto fill work correctly.

Is there a way to edit that form directly? I know I can add custom fields, but is there a way to edit the basic form?


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Hi, My question goes in the same direction. However, I have the cloud solution in use and thus also no direct view of the database. I am also not exactly firmly in the saddle with PHP/MySQL. Consequently, it would be more appropriate if I integrate the mini-project (first name & last name) field under "register_form" by external providers (against payment).

Do you offer this service as well?

Thank you for your answer


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The only think you don't have access to with Cloud is the server.

You can still edit templates, phrases, and modify anything you wish which is available in the ACP.
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