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how to migrate from OLS to nginx or stay with OLS ?


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hi every one

i use now OLS 1.3.1

and i read many article and also read some comments here that nginx is good

but i didnt try it before or play with it !!

so how the migration will be ?!! is it easy or need more and more digging in nginx and i need to play with it alone before i migrate ?


my current setting is OLS + Cloudflare for caching images/css and DNS

is the migrating to nginx will effect the setting or what exactly !!!

sorry for my poor explanation


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hmmm no but if there something will make the performance better i will move to it !!
If you judge by performance then you will be dissapointed. OLS and nginx is somehow on par. They both have pros and cons. I advice if you don't have any problem with OLS then continue using it. Don't fix what ain't broke. :D


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hmmm no but if there something will make the performance better i will move to it !!
LSAPI is pretty untouchable when it comes to serving up php requests.

I think @eva2000 is setting up some massive benchmark test to compare a whole bunch of things. Not sure how far hes got however.


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no massive benchmark tests yet but did touch on the power of LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed LSAPI PHP handler at https://theadminzone.com/threads/nodejs-and-php-when-under-load.116928/#post-836515 and https://theadminzone.com/threads/nodejs-and-php-when-under-load.116928/#post-839722 :)

haven't done much OpenLiteSpeed testing lately as been focusing on getting Centmin Mod LEMP web stack .07 stable build released and working on .08 beta https://community.centminmod.com/threads/centmin-mod-08-ideas.618 :D