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XF 1.1 How to migrate from old forums

Discussion in 'Installation, Upgrade, and Import Support' started by avi, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. avi

    avi Active Member

    How do you guys actually migrate ?

    1. Say my forum link is xyz.com and it is running mybb. Now I will set abc.com with xenforo on same host and then I will change its board URL back to xyz.com once I have done all conversion & made required changes.


    2. I will set up xenforo on computer & then I will upload it to server later.


    Is there any another good / easy / preferred method ? How do you guys actually migrate ?

    Thank you :)
  2. Floris

    Floris Guest

    example.com/index.php (index from mybb)
    example.com/xenforo/index.php (sub dir for xenforo, with index from xenforo)

    Convert from mybb to xenforo
    When happy and you want to discontinue mybb and replace it with xenforo:

    a) You can remove mybb and move xenforo to root, or
    b) You can archive mybb into /old_mybb/ and move xenforo to root.

    Move xenforo: before the move, board info > update the information.

    on shell:

    mkdir old_mybb
    cd public_html
    mv * ../old_mybb
    cd public_html/xenforo
    mv * ../
    mv .htaccess ../
  3. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    1. Install XenForo in a temporary location
    2. Configure it
    3. Take a backup of XenForo
    4. Take a backup of existing site
    5. Close existing site
    6. Import into XenForo
    7. Configure user groups and permissions
    8. Test fully
    9. Move existing site to archive directory
    10. Move XenForo to final directory
    11. Update Board URL in XenForo
    12. Open XenForo
    13. Configure any .htaccess redirects as required
    14. Enjoy
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  4. avi

    avi Active Member

    Thank you very much :D

    Okay, I set up at example.com/xenforo. And I imported from IPB. Now I want to configure my forum. I want to have portal page, user groups, custom user status etc & lots other customizations.

    Say if I make all required changes now, like user permissions, custom status etc, then after that if I import the current up to date database, will I loosing all customizations ?
  5. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    If you have already imported then you can't import again as you will end up with duplicate content.

    Which is why in the steps above I have step 2 as configure it.
  6. avi

    avi Active Member

    Oh, I get it. Thank you :)

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