XF 1.5 How to manage my bounced/rejected emails.


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I have 3 forums right now and i'm struggling to setup/understand how I can manage my bounced/rejected emails.

I currently have all 3 forums setup with SMTP mandrill app integration all on the same account.

From what I understand mandrill will move my bounced emails into a blacklist for a short period of time and I then have to remove them before they try mail them again.

My mandrill reputation is dropping from excellent to good and soon bad due to lots of rejected emails.

How can I manage this easily?

Should I be setting up 3 different mandrill accounts, one per forum (which seems overkill)

and then exporting the rejected email address from mandrill and manually putting them into a "don't email" group on xenforo?

Surely there's a more simple solutions for managing bounced emails on multiple forums?

Am I totally over thinking this?

If anyone is an expert i'm happy to pay you to set this up properly for me.



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I would enable the user verification at registration to ensure they enter the correct email address in the first place. We had a lot of users sign up with dummy email addresses and it caused no end of problems when it came to telling them to reset their passwords >.<


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As far as I understand you can only set 1 bounce e-mail address in your Mandrill account.
A solution would be multiple mandrill accounts, but I don't know you are allowed to do this.

Tracy Perry

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To fully utilize (correctly) the built in bounce settings in XenForo, you are going to HAVE to have individual assigned email accounts to receive the bounced emails at for each forum. You will not be able to "combine" them into one as the default mechanism will not allow that.
I don't use Mandrill, I do my own MTA service on my servers just for that reason.