XF 2.1 How to manage navigation links moving between top nav and public nav

Tom McIntyre

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I have been directed to match a top navigation structure on a system that includes XenForo, WP and iMIS RiSE pages.

After a bit of head scratching I hacked the PAGE CONTAINER template and added the links in the top navigation bar.

When the screen goes to small size, the top nav moves to the main nav bar with its hamburger icon.

Is there some context variable that I can use to recognize the current page size in the PAGE CONTAINER template?

I was/am wishing that there were something like the Public Navigation tool in Admin CP to manage the top nav.

Is there an XF: value of some kind that can be tested for screen size?

I want to change the links to icons from text on the small screen.


XenForo moderator
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I don't really understand.

Why can't you customise the top navigation row using the built in function?

I have custom entries on my site for the top and sub navigation rows.

Tom McIntyre

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The built in function does not show the three existing links in the top nav i.e. account, conversations and alerts.

Actually the account link is there but I do not see anything to specify which navigation area they should be in. I had jumped to the conclusion that the tool only covered the main navigation.

I have already added all the main nav links from the other two sites to that structure but I do not know how to specify the top nav.

We are using a uix theme from Themehouse.