XF 1.2 How to make similes open by default

Currently, users would need to press the smile icon to see all the smiles. Is there a way, I can make them open and available by default?



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I hadn't checked with it lately since moving to 1.2 series. I may go back and install it as I also liked the way they were open all the time. Thanks!
I gave it a brief try through the release candidate phase and everything seemed to work. There was one issue if memory recalls though and that was when you expand/contract your browser the smiley container didn't adjust to responsive. I may give it a whirl later and check it out again since I do like the front end category's for multiple smiley packs and think it might be worth installing it back just for that.

If you do manage to install it before I, could you post back if there's any issue with it? I'll do the same if I install and test it before you.