XF 2.2 How To Make Prefix to Appear in Approval Queue

Steve Freides

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We have accomplished a forum reorganization - fewer nodes, more prefixes to sort out what's what.

I now notice that I don't see the Prefix the user has chosen in the Approval Queue, and that's information I need because I used to prefer to move these posts to the proper node, and now I prefer to give these posts the proper Prefix before approving them.

Is there a way to do this, have Prefix show in the Approval Queue, and if so, please point me to it in the ACP.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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I'm in the.middle of a migration from vB to XF. I too, am planning on cutting down forum categories and using more prefixes to help modernize the approach. This would be helpful.
We had one custom written for us - very happy with the developer and how it came out. The next time something shows up in my moderation queue, I'll screenshot and post.

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