XF 1.5 How to make other user "Super Administrator".


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Atm, I've "admin" user with user-id 1 in the system as a "Super Administrator". I want to make other user "Super Administrator" and remove the rights from default "admin" user.

I checked that XF doesn't allow me to delete default "Super administrator" user account. Also, it doesn't provide any feature to make other user super-administrator.

Any thoughts?


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Super admins are defined by the comma-delimited list of user IDs in the config.php file. You can add a user there (who's already an admin) and they'll become a super admin. You can then remove the existing user ID if you wish.


Rather than start a new thread, I'll bring this one back to life. I've edited the config.php to include my userid, 237. However, I still do not have SuperAdmin access. I'm getting errors saying I need to be a super administrator in order to access this page.



I got it to work. For some reason a comma wouldn't do it. I actually had to copy the actual text posted in that other thread and paste it into the config.php from there I was able to change the UserID to mine, save it, and it worked. Is there something special about the commas used that I'm not understanding?


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You likely used an invalid character - there are various different ones, depending on the editor used - ' ` ‘