How to make a basic addon?


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Ok I have read over some of the tutorials for making an addon. I have not been able to find one for making a basic addon that uses hooks. I want to hook into the footer links. So far I created the addon and stared to make the options in the adminCP. Just to make options there are so many settings. I am now lost, and I come from a knowledge of vBulletin coding with moderate knowledge of PHP. I havent did to much with classes and listeners and all this fancy xenForo coding.

What I want to do with this option is have a simple on and offheck box.
Is Format Parameters correct?
What do I put for Data Type?
Default value would be I guess "no"?
Array Sub-Options should be left blank?
Validation Callback would be what exactly?

After that what would be my next step to hook a specific template. I am lost when it comes to developing xenforo. :(

Should I even use a template or just make a options box in the settings for the few links I will add?

Any guidance would be very helpful and much appreciated.


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Take a look at The Happy Place add-on for an example of how to use a template hook to extend an existing template with another :)


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Ok back on topic. I have the basic addon working. Now how do I get it to listen to the options(like on and off settings)?

I figured out how to do it on the template level. How do you do it on the Listner level?
I have options that I need to pull for which template I want to use to place the links.

Edit 2:
Ok never mind I am getting it now.