How to link to new internal template?


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Hi there,

I have created a copy on the news_feed template and called it news_feed2
What would I place in the {xen:link ??????} to use this template from the tabsmenu.

I've been trying to get my head around this for hours but cant understand how the linking system works. Sure I can link an external template but can't work out how to do an internal.

Hope someone can though me a bone here. Thankyou people :)
Hmm.. You must include new template news_feed2

Open the template - quick_navigation_menu

<xen:include template="news_feed2" />


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Thanks for the reply sergio, but I cant see how that would help or i just cant see the logic. :confused:

This is what im trying to do..

Xenforo tabs -> members -> [recent activity]

When i press that button i wish it to load [news_feed2] and not [news_feed]


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Thankyou for reply mike, I kind of thought that after another attempt this morning. Is it a big mod? Would you be kind enougth to talk me though it?
I know your very bizzy but would gratefull for any help you could offer.