How to integrate xenforo with wordpress

I want to integrate wordpress and xenforo logins without purchasing a bridge. Following are my requirements
  1. I want to use wordpress as blogging platform
  2. Login should be used as wordpress
  3. I want my primary page to be xenforo and wordpress has to be installed in a sub-folder (
  4. The themes and styling for wordpress and xenforo should be similar so that user may not feel a change while moving back and forth.
Any help here would be helpfull.



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I tried this and you can only integrate it with a bridge, if you want logins on both Wordpress and Xenforo.
There are many good bridges here and one for only about £10...

They will utilise the same user tables.
Aside from that, I don't think it is possible to link the two registered accounts without a bridge.
Good luck. ;)