XF 1.5 How to import tags from XenTag to XenForo's own tagging system?


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Thread tagging was a feature requested since day 1 with huge support from the community: Implemented - Thread Tagging

However it got implemented 5 years later... obviously most people don't have the patience to wait 5 years specially when there is an add-on that adds tagging functionality: [Tinhte] XenTag

Many, many people are already using XenTag. While the add-on works fine, we all know that it is always better to use the core feature if it is available.

So @Chris D @Jake Bunce or @Slavik could you please provide us the SQL query(ies) that will read the existing tags from the database and copy them to XenForo's own tagging system?



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Hi guys, yes I know and thanks for your input. However in the past for stuff like this Chris and Jake have provided SQL queries that perform the task and that's why I was asking.

Chris D

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The SQL queries necessary would require the kind of extensive knowledge of XenTag that none of us (at XenForo) are likely to have.

You would either need someone who is familiar with XenTag to help with that, or, ideally, the author of XenTag to produce an importer. Although records can easily be transferred, theoretically, from one table to another, there are a number of per content caches that would need to be rebuilt.

However: slow down :) The 1.5 code was released not more than a few hours ago. Really, you can't feasibly expect a solution until 1.5 is released and officially supported. You need to give people time to familiarise themselves with the new code before expecting any sort of official solution from the XenTag developers.


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I will build an importer for vb tags > Xenforo but I wont be building one from XenTag > XenForo.