XF 1.3 How to import avatars in the file system from Vbulletin 4.2 to Xenforo 1.3.3

Terry Love

Moving from Vbulletin to Xenforo, and having problems with the import of the avatars.
It did NOT import avatars from the VB4 filesystem into the xenforo filesystem.
It DID import custom avatars from the old VB4 SQL database into the xenforo filesystem folders.

So custom avatars were imported successfully, but default avatars that I would allow people to choose from (if they did not want to upload their own) were not imported correctly. How do I finish importing the avatars?

I list my users with their location under the avatar, and use a flag for state or province. So many questions being asked are dependent on where the user is doing the work.

How do I keep this feature in Xenforo?
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Did you enter the correct path to the avatar directory when you did the import?
I'm not sure I saw this step. Where does it ask for the path to the avatar directory? My son and I have been trying to find where it would be located as it was mentioned in another post, but we have not been able to find it so far. At which stage and window location?
I'm still not finding it. I've been searching the forums for where this would be located as well. Either it isn't documented in the forums, or I'm not looking hard enough. For future searches it would be nice to have the solution posted in this thread.
After clicking "validate configuration"... It does not show a place for attachment paths.
I'm wondering if maybe it has to do with how xenforo detects if files are being stored in the file system. Maybe the avatar directory from the old VB4 needs to be dropped into the new Xenforo folder?
Custom avatars are in SQL, but most of the avatars are in the file system. I can import the database avatars and attachments, but the avatars in the images/avatars/ links don't port over. Instead I get the standard Xenforo images. And there are thousands of them.

How would I put the file based avatars in 4.2 back into the database?
Writing a solution on how to do this for future Googlers. Kind of cool that this post came up when I was searching for how avatars are stored in the VB4 system.

Use the following query on your VB4 database to get a list of user IDs matched with their respective file paths and avatars.

FROM(`user` LEFTJOIN `avatar` ON `user`.avatarid =`avatar`.avatarid)
WHERE `user`.`avatarid` != 0 GROUP BY `user`.`avatarid`;

Rest of solution still pending.
There really isn't a clean cut solution for this. You'll probably need to hire a developer who can write a program to query the old DB and manipulate the data properly. We're just going to write an add-on to grab new location based avatars when a user's avatar is not already custom defined.
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