how to handle some members with bad usernames/avatars

I already had a member who had an avatar with adult (the picture also had the link to that side) I ask him to remove it, he wanted to just deleted the link but I said no, because kids view my website aswell.. he wanted me to delete his account, so I did it, I prefer to ban than delete but I don't have the time and strength for such idiocies.

The other issue now I have is a member registered with a really offensive username, you can say its funny, but its also offensive and its for ages 18+

How am I suppose to deal with that now ? Do I rename it bymyself ? Do I ask what other username ? whats your take on this for your websites? My website is new, just reach the 150 members mark and this is a first for me.

edit also does usernames and avatars like this effect in any way google view my website or am I safe from that ?


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Update the site rules to make it clear what is and isn't permitted for all content, including user names and avatars.

Temporarily change the new member's name then contact them via conversation and ask them to choose a new one.
I have the rules that say that, but it seems people are skipping that section, I've seen many websites using a notice board on top of the forums with info/rules etc, I think I seen it once in the resources but I made the mistake to ignore it at that time, Im not sure what its called, if someone can link me to that or something similar I would be great-full .


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We warn people who don't follow the rules. Ours are pretty simple and probably stricter than this site - that is, we don't allow guns, etc.....

We think everything has it's time and place and home heating is not about politics, gun rights or hot women or men.....our rules:

"We try to keep it family friendly. That means respect for everyone of every stripe - You may not insult members here based on their religion, race, sex, political beliefs, size, weight or whether they are gay or straight.

Any screen names, photos or avatars and sigs should be hearth or home related - Like no Obama or GW Bush pics, references, etc...please keep references to your political beliefs, your gun collection, your religion or lack thereof, etc. off of"

Use the FAQ manager - that way they have a harder time saying they couldn't find it!


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If they ignore the rules, remind them to refresh their memories.
If they continue to ignore them, warn them.

You can add a Notice yourself linking to your own rules.


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If a user ignores your rules the first time, kindly "remind" them of the rules.
If the user ignores your rules the second time, kindly remind them of the rules, and warn them. Next time they're gone.
If the user does it again, ban. Just do it, and never look back.

I have rules written, like you do.
I created a thread with "No Swearing in username." I clarify the lines between using a swearing username, swearing in topic titles, and posting swearing inside the threads themselves (which is only place allowed for swearing). This is a sticky - I made sure that sticky threads are colored so it stands out.
Then I made a notice explaining to read the rules, and posting in the right places like this:
Welcome to CODForums, recruits! In order to get started, please read our Forum Rules. If you want to post a montage, or video, please use our Media Forum, do not spam across multiple forums. Finally, if you are a clan leader or recruiter, PLEASE use the Recruitment Forum! Otherwise, have fun posting!
Anyone ignoring all three is banned from my forum. I don't care.

I just had a user earlier today post across multiple forums about the same subject. *facepalm*

Also, as for your question as regards to "questionable" usernames, edit it or ban it. Either way your kid demographic doesn't see it, or search engines doesn't see it. Edit only if he has gone only so far to post, or post a thread and doesn't know the rules. Otherwise if he meticulously does it just to "troll" (these usernames are actually trolling types). Just ban it.

Usernames with "funny" intention are also trolls. Some people might find it funny, some people might find it offensive - as it is in your case.
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On my old forum, when it was pretty active, they were given a warning and if their avatar was not changed, they were placed in a slave group where they role played a slave. If they refused to role play a slave, their character was killed off by the highest bidder. I brought this back to my new forum, as it beats banning.