XF 2.1 How to give Warnings (infractions)?


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Since I migrated from vBulletin to XenForo my mods and I are struggling to figure out how to give out infractions. I've found the below, but can't find the Warn link or via the user profile. What am I missing?

Warnings will be applied by moderators by clicking the Warn link on specific content or by applying a warning directly via the user's profile. If a warning is applied to specific content, the moderator may be able to leave a public warning message to indicate to others that the content is not appropriate.
Source - https://xenforo.com/xf2-docs/manual/users/#warnings

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Make sure the mods have permissions to give warnings.

Check under both :

  • the actual moderator settings for each mod (ACP > Staff > Moderators. Click on a mod name and see Forum moderator permissions
  • Also check permissions for the moderator user group.

And that have you havev set up the warnings and actions as you want
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Warnings can be posted to a thread if you have an addon such as Warning Improvements