XF 2.2 How to give moderators 'discouragement' powers?


I'd like my moderators to be able to 'discourage' users, but can't see any way to give them that permission, either individually or as a usergroup. Help?
Be aware that promoting an account to administrator status with the permission to manage users, provides much more than the ability to just discourage accounts.

They will be able to manage moderators, edit and delete accounts, create accounts, etc.
This might allow you to apply less widespread admin permissions, although it does say unmaintained

You might want to just create a thread in your moderator forum call Discouragement Requests so they can post the username and an admin (like yourself) can decide and maintain.
Personally I would advise against using it at all.

Most people realise that something has been done to their account, as the site will continue to function normally when logged out.
Agree with Brogan. It's sort of a "passive-aggressive" way to deal with bad apples. I would suggest you and your moderators just deal with those people more directly. Whatever hostility you're afraid might be directed at you in retaliation is likely to be even worse when they discover you were using the discouragement option to deal with them. Especially if they've tried to get help in figuring out what's going on with the site and you and your mods are on record telling them that it has nothing to do with the site. 🤪
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