How to get Youtube videos to show from Feeder

Hi all,

if this is in the wrong section please move it to the cvorrect section, sorry I dont post a lot on here.

So my problem is one that has been asked before, but I have look at many previous answers and nothing seems to work.
I have managed to find my youtube channels RSS feed URL and have added it as a registered feed.
I have formatted the post so that it posts the link to the video and nothing else.
But as you probably guessed, it is posting the link, but the BBCode is not converting it to a video, and I just get the link in text form.

Firstly, yes I know this is how it is meant to be posted, and the forum does that deliberately, but for my purposes I need the conversion to be done.

I have read a few answers to this posted previolusly but havent yet found a solution.
Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks very much to anyone who has an answer to this.
I appreciate evryone who takes the time to look :)