How to get a home page/front page?


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Once I move to XF, having a home page/front page like the site currently has on vB is going to be very important. Let me explain what I need and please tell me if something like this is possible to do on XF.

I'm going to need a home/front page that will be part of the forum and will only replace the forums list and have content there. In order to explain better what exactly I am looking for, please see the attached image.

The attached image shows exactly what kind of home/front page I want. Everything else (such as staff online now, members online now, new posts box) stays there.

Is it possible to achieve something like this easily with an add-on or maybe editing some templates, without being a coder?

P.S. I am NOT looking for an article system.


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One feature of this addon allows you to make "widget pages" and one of those pages can be assigned as your home page.

The addon also can manage sidebar blocks (the everything else you mentioned) so between existing blocks and a functionality of the addon to create your own html widget blocks I think if you can handle basic html then you should be fine with this addon.