XF 1.3 How to fix margin/padding in resource manager/remove borders


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Hey Gents

Recently purchased the resource manager and have been playing with it on my test site.

How do I fix the text in the message as there is no margin/padding. Had a look around the style variables but can not find one that relates .


Also how do I get rid of/change colour these borders that surround the resources, as well as the ones on the side bar? http://todo10.com/xenforo35/index.php?resources/

Also same problem with thread thread listing borders, can not find where to remove/change them?

If it helps I am using UIX drift theme.



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If there are no Style Properties for those, you will need to use EXTRA.css or modify the templates directly.

You can use a browser inspection tool to see which classes you need to target.


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You can see here how I have changed it to red.

So you would use this in EXTRA.css:
border-color: red;


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Fantastic, will give that a go. This will help with future edits I can't find in the style editor.

Really appreciate that Brogan. Many Thanks
Thanks Brogan, though still does not work for me. I think it may be the theme as from memory it was possible to change the borderc the style editor on the default theme. I will check with theme dev.