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XF 1.2 How to find non-confirmed users and resend confirm-mails?


Well-known member
Since this weekend my server did not send out mails.

Where can I find the users who registered but did not confirm their emails?
What's the most convenient way to send out the "you have to click on the link to confirm your account" mails to them?

Thank you so much.


Well-known member
Which is the user_state they are in? It is a bit confusing for me :)

I will then write an addon sending out mails, if it is not possible with stock xenForo.


Well-known member
From Mike, email_confirm_edit is the status for users whoms emails are wrong / missing / not working.

I expect my newly registered users did enter mostly a correct email, it just is not confirmed. They never confirmed their account. Is the state email_confirm_edit the most correct one? The user_states are not easy for me to differentiate.