Fixed Registration, resend confirm mail: Missing Q&A CAPTCHA field in this specific case


The Qestion & Answer CAPTCHA field doesn't show in the following scenario, but it should:


(Registration with email confirmation enabled.)
(Qestion & Answer CAPTCHA is used)

1. User gets notice that the confirmation email has been sent.

2. User clicks the resend email link.

3. In the next confirm-to-resend-mail-window, user fails to provide correct Qestion & Answer CAPTCHA.

(Eventually, this takes the user back to the confirmation-email-sent notice.)

4. Now, If clicking the resend email link (2nd time), Qestion & Answer CAPTCHA field is not displayed.

(Workaround: Reload the page with the notice about the confirmation email that has been sent.)

Image shows both correct(top) and the omited field version.


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This is fixed for the next release, thanks. It would apply to any scenario where we showed a CAPTCHA when we wouldn't normally show it to that user.