XF 1.3 How to enable google and twitter registration ?


Formerly allewreK

I created my API and secret keys for both website, I added it to my panel, but I still only have the option to register via facebook.

At mywebsite.com/register/twitter, I have the error "An unexcepted error occured..."

No error logs.

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Tracy Perry

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You are sure you are on 1.3? And when you upgraded, did you do the template merge for your style (if they aren't showing at all)?
The reason I ask, is you say you only have the option to register via facebook... that indicates that your templates are outdated if you don't see Google/Twitter and you have set the necessary settings in the ACP.


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This is typically a misconfiguration of the Twitter API.
Are you sure you have set it all up correctly in both the API and the ACP?

The other possibility is you don't have SSL support in PHP (but have it in cURL).
I got "An unexcepted error occured, please try again later" because I didn't have user registration enabled (because I am setting up a new board). Once I turned it on it allowed me to associate my twitter account with my board account.

With google integration I followed the instructions but nothing happens with I click on the google button trying to login or when I try to associate the account under External Accounts when I am already logged in.