XF 2.1 How to edit templates in 2.1 with debug mode ON?


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It's weird...
I can't edit my template modification in 2.1 even with the debug mode activated.
What's wrong? 😳


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Hi Chris,

Should I report this as a bug? In the manual:


There is no mention that development mode is required to edit Template modifications. I would prefer to be able to use debug mode as I have no need to edit templates in the file system. But debug mode is crippled at the moment as it doesn't allow editing Template modifications.

Chris D

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Development mode is now required to do anything development related, this includes accessing stuff in the master language/style, modifying or creating some things such as template modifications, options, cron entries etc.

Debug is not crippled. It can still be used for accessing debug related things, such as page load times and query counts.