How to Edit quick reply box css

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Hi Guys,

I have been working over a template and have changed its colors almost everywhere by the help of extra.css

However, am stuck at an unexpected place. That is the quick reply box.
These boxes are an Iframe and are associated with 'html' class or simple 'body' class according to chrom dev tool.

Everytime I place the html or body css changes in Extra.css changes with '!important' it doesn't work.

May I have anybody guide here. How can I edit the box color.
Please see the attached image that better shows the changes am after.

This is my first day on Xenforo as a dev, it would be a delight if I could have a prompt response.

Thanks very much


Am actually developer for my client, I have the access to change the color scheme. He is the paid user.
Its my first time working on xenforo, am through 99% of the deal just stuck on one place.
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