How to do this? css/html newbie!


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im Looking to get this..

to look like this..

really unsure how to set it out to work good and properlly... and of course to look nice! will be information about my local hospital! dont want the ugly table looking! :p i know i could just </ br> it but then the numbers are still not all neat! thanks guys!


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im so thick! thanks brogan ill have a play is it possible to set a width? isnt it possible to do this via css or tableless? as i'd like to have this future proof! thanks again


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You can do it with divs or tables, using CSS classes.
It just depends how you want to do it.

Unless you use deprecated code, there's no reason why it would become outdated.


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ok did alot of searching and found to do it like this? nice a clean!

also how do i go about adding normal information text at the top, i mean is there a defualt style?

Thanks for your help brogan


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any idea why the under line strechs so far? the css is
#hor-minimalist-a{font-size:12px;background:#fff;width:380px;border-collapse:collapse;text-align:left;margin:20px;}#hor-minimalist-a th{font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;color:#039;border-bottom:2px solid #6678b1;padding:10px 8px;}#hor-minimalist-a td{color:#669;padding:9px 8px 0;}#hor-minimalist-a tbody tr:hover td{color:#009;}
and thanks again brogan :)


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is it possible to use the built in pop up bit like the member card? for my own usage? is it possible to make new css or something to calll it? and edit it somehow? >.<