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How To Customize Login Page?

Discussion in 'Styling and Customization Questions' started by DRE, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    I made my site private but it shows an error for guests instead of just a plain login page.

    How do I customize my forum's login page? I don't want to show the red error notice or the phrase The 8th Legion - Error above it. What template do I need to edit for the login page?
  2. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    I want a login page like revolutiontt.me
  3. LPH

    LPH Well-Known Member

    That is a cool looking login page!
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  4. erich37

    erich37 Well-Known Member

    I agree the wording "Error" is not very inviting to new users. Which wording can we use instead?

    is it o.k. to re-name the phrase Error for the login page, but having th wording "Error" shown when there is a real "Error" ?
    Or is this one phrase used at multiple places ?
  5. CritiKiL

    CritiKiL Active Member

    That IS a great looking login page though (revolutiontt.me). Any help on how to create it?
  6. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    I don't need that login page anymore since I made the site public. revolution's login page is like that because the whole site is private and invite only.
  7. M@rc

    M@rc Well-Known Member

    You can edit the word out Via templates: Admin Control Panel -> Appearance -> Styles & Templates -> Templates -> error_with_login

    Find :

    <xen:h1>{$xenOptions.boardTitle} - {xen:phrase error}</xen:h1>
    Replace the red highlighted text with your own custom phrase or text, ;)

    Although, there is a user-friendly notice below ("Incorrect Password. Please try again."), :LOL:



    PS. I assume the current phrase was used multiple times.
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  8. erich37

    erich37 Well-Known Member

    Many thanks for your help!
  9. vij

    vij Active Member

    Is it possible for the field "name" to be changed to "user name" in the registration/login page. I have quite a few users asking me to change their username saying that they were asked for name instead of username, else they wouldnt input their real names... o_O
  10. erich37

    erich37 Well-Known Member

    go to your Admin-Panel (ACP) and go to:

    ACP > Appearance > Phrases

    and then search for the phrase "name".

    Change the wording in the box named "Phrase text" towards "Username".
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  11. vij

    vij Active Member

    Thank you erich!

    How can I change the phrase "Your name or email address:" to "Username or email address:" from the dropdown at the top
  12. erich37

    erich37 Well-Known Member

    just do the same as before, but search for the phrase "name_or_email"
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  13. vij

    vij Active Member

    Edited both name_or_email and your_name_or_email. Worked :)
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  14. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    How can I force a style on this page only?
  15. LPH

    LPH Well-Known Member

  16. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    I only need one for the error_with_login template.

    I basically just want to customize my login page whenever I have the site turned off from guests.

    The error_with_login page is what shows to guests.
  17. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

  18. erich37

    erich37 Well-Known Member

    I have made my Forum so, that "View Thread Content" is revoked for "guests".

    Now when clicking the Forum-Thread, it shows the "Log in or Signup"-form with the red-colored Error-Message atop named "You must be logged-in to do that."

    How do I hide / remove / delete this red-colored "Error Box" which says "You must be logged-in to do that." ?

    Appreciate your help!

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