XF 2.2 How to copy a dark theme over to create a light theme?


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Okay, I hope this is the proper forum for my question, but I am using the ACE theme for @ThemeHouse and have customized my child theme which is dark. However I was wondering is there a way to copy my dark theme and make it light? Due to all the custom changes I've made, I am thinking if it's possible it would be easier to just copy the dark theme, rename it and than make whatever change is necessary to adjust the color settings?

Not really my strong skill set here....

Appreciate any help... in their XMLs for the theme I only see a dark, nothing that says 'light.'
I would export the style and then re-import it as a child style, simply.
Then change the style properties to your liking and in particular this one.

View attachment 279723

It's not quite that same, usually a lot of work is required to go from light/dark and vice versa.

@Chernabog you should really reach out to the author of the style for guidance on a task like this.
Thanks you two... it gives me something to play with. I also have the light/dark radio button...so if I test it with my dark theme by clicking light and it works...than exporting and reimporting under the new name makes perfect sense.

Didn't even think of that - thank you!

Edited Update: Yes that does not work as expected lol... okay time to involve Themehouse :P

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