How to change the color of this text?

hi, any idea on where i change this color? And if possible, the little shadow behind it.
Basically i would like to have it look the same as the category strips.

And if possible, removing the "SimRacingCentral" text below. Thanks guys,

Chris D

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There may be a Style Property for this, but this is how I'd change it by editing the CSS.

If you search templates for EXTRA.css and add the following:

.profilePage .mast .section.infoBlock h3
color: white;
That should turn the text white.

Steve F

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To remove the board title add this to the extra.css template

.forum_list .titleBar {
display: none;
To change the text color for the sidebar there is a style property

Style Properties -> Sidebar -> Block Heading

You can find the styling for the category title here

Style Properties -> Forum/Node List -> Category Strip Title
Since i´m on the roll here i might as well ask where i can locate the little icon for when you bookmark a site.

The FTP is like a labyrinth still for me ;)

Steve F

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"favicon.ico" is what your looking for and should be in public_html folder.

Edit: it can some time to see the new one you upload unless you add a bit of code to force refresh. Add this in the PAGE_CONTAINER template to force refresh.

Place the code right under <head>

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />
Thanks again for the quick answers, i did everything you told me to but right now it won´t show up, perhaps i have to wait a little like you said?

Steve F

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Shouldn't be a wait if you added that bit of code. Are you sure the favicon.ico is the web root for the site?

Send me a link if you want and I can check it out. You may try clearing your browser cache/cookies and restart the browser..shouldn't have to though.
I´ve added the code and written instead of the
And i´ve saved it in the ftp in the same spot the original one was :S

Also cleared everything in the browser. I can see it loading a few times but the original xF logo pops up instead.
The favicon needs to be in your root install. Not in your style folder.

ok sorry i´m still very very green when it comes to websites and all that goes with it.

the root install, is it the folder called "root" in FTP? If yes, i can´t enter that folder, access denied.