How to build my forum structure?

Regina Ortega

Active member
Someone knows tips or methods for the way that a starting community should structure its forum for has more active users and registered?

Im dealing with some problems, because my users are not using the "off-topic" forum at all, they just log-in and post into a on-topic forum some post per day and then left, there's no more action from them.

I really appreciate any tip that you can give me in order to improve my community by structuring it.

Anthony Parsons

Well-known member
My advice is this... don't try and structure a new community too much in the sense of forum topics. Create a few forums around the site structure, an off-topic forum, then just post and add lots of topical conversations in the hope of getting others to respond and engage within your community.

As you get regular members, you start letting them decide and ask them if a specific topical forum is needed for addition... that way they also feel part of the decisions and growth. Psychology 101 is needed in starting a new forum.

Forums with lots of topic forums, empty forums, struggle to ever get off the ground. Keep it simple and write lots of things that ask questions, opinions and such.

It can take a year to get a new forum remotely established.