How to become a Well-Known member?


Well-known member
Step 1: Buy Xenforo.
Step 2: Have a life.
Step 3: Give life away.
Step 4: Pound on your keyboard like an epileptic chimp with Tourettes.
Step 5: Sit back and soak up the sweet, sweet postcount.

Repeat until they either tire of you or you become well known.
Step 1 check
Step 2 -
Step 3 -
Step 4 check
Step 4 check

And what do you know, I'm well-known! :p


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It requires you to acquire certain trophies which should sum up to a specified value by XenForo which right now I cannot remember and am to lazy to look at.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Kier award the status only to people he really likes.

You have some way to go Matthew2D as do I :ROFLMAO:

Yeah just trophy points really... I think. I liked your post, that will help toward your trophy points ;)