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Rho Delta

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Is there an add on that allows for a paypal donation for a usergroup upgrade? I want to allow members to donate to become part of the usergroup I created called Sustaining Members.



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Robbos addon does not support recurring payments which defeats the point of donations IMHO. Half the donations I receive are recurring.
All that is needed for donations is an account upgrade function for custom amounts. I have already requested @xfrocks to develop this for me.

Rho Delta

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You can do that with built in account upgrades.
So I configured this, created a new usergroup that just adds flair, no permissions or anything and manually placed a user in the group to test the flair, it worked. I then had 2 members donate, donations went into my paypal account, but they were not auto added to the usergroup even though that was checked in the backend. Do I need to manually approve something? Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong...

Here is a screenshot of how its configured. Thanks ahead of time for the help.

Edit User Upgrade  Become a Sustaining Member   Admin CP   OldRow.png

Rho Delta

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BjGiSnl.png  1600×900 .png

Heres a screenshot showing that the paypal subscription payment did work, so the issue is its not adding them to the selected usergroup...
Go to your Profile under Paypal account, then click on My selling tools and then click:
Instant payment notifications
Integrate PayPal payment notifications with my website.

Here you can setup IPN.