Tips to becoming a top performing Xenforo forum ?

i've recently moved from phpbb to xenforo, still a few issues and problems to resolve from what was a complicated import.
I've got a long standing forum that was well know and looked good, even if it had fallen behind on the tech curve in recent

i am committed to developing and investing in my platform to make it better, to turn it into a top performing forum.
Noting that whilst i run the forum i'm not the techie.
Terms of where i am
  1. phase 1 - server migration DONE
  2. phase 2 - forum import into Xenforo - I went live last week but this is NOT COMPLETE (open issues remain) where i am today
  3. phase 3 - upgrade basic configuration with add-ons / features in 2 parts (what i need from day 2 and what else I want to improve the user experience)
  4. phase 4 - upgrade site design from something more bespoke and away from the quick and simple styling pack used for day 1
  5. phase 5 - integrate features from legacy site based around content engagement
I would want to turn my page into a showcase site which is the aspiration but there is much to do....

The question, What tips and guidance can the community offer on this journey that I am on, because it's more than just add ons and style.

Woah... just looking at your list there mate.
Maybe ask for help with the whole migration.
You'd have to submit a ticket and one of the staff can do this for you.

Also you could try and make it popular with car enthusiasts joining it.
Also get car racing fans involved. Ford vs holden, nascar, bathurst, etc.
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