XF 2.2 How to allow "Search Forum" nodes to be index by search engine?


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How can I remove this from search forum pages source?
<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />

Editing search_forum_view template is enough?
by removing:
<xf:head option="metaNoindex"><meta name="robots" content="noindex" /></xf:head>
I’m only in n my phone at the moment so can’t easily check but that should do it. Best thing I’d to try then use your browser to view the page source to double check it’s gone.
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Yes it does seem to work. But be aware this is probably for a good SEO reason I imagine however I do think it would be good if we at least had the option.

On the face of it a search forum may not have much value to Google, but of course you could always improve the page for SEO by adding some useful text content via a widget
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You guys mis-understood Search Forum Node?

I used it to have an exclusive page for New threads/questions/popular-today/popular-monthly/etc.
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