XF 1.2 How to allow nodes to be displayed underneath Node category

This is the hierarchy of my nodes:

root node category 1
___node 1
______node category 1.1
_________node 1.1.1
_________node 1.1.2

______node category 1.2
_________node 1.2.1
_________node 1.2.2
___node 2
___node 3

Then I set "node 1" as a new tab using "display as tab" addon.

Here is the problem. I want node category 1.1 and it children to be displayed all at the same time. Unfortunately its children are automatically hidden by default. So users can only see node category 1.1, node category 1.2. They would have to click to open any of them to see their children nodes.

My question is how could I let the children nodes, e.g., node 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 etc, to be displayed by default?


Tracy Perry

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Instead of trying to bump your post... if you are using @Jake Bunce's Nodes as Tabs (I didn't find a display as tab add-on), how about trying posting in that add-on discussion area. You are more likely to get a response.
Thank you, Tracy.

Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned Nodes as Tabs. The issue has nothing to do with it. I think this should be a basic XenForo setup, am I right?