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How to add XMG to the fron of the forum page

I have the need to implement the Gallery or artwork post by user in the thread or Media to put in the front Top Row as a selected Gallery (see attachment)

The idea is when users or members post the artwork, the admin will choose the best artwork and put in the Top Row Galler as per attachment.

How can I implement this?

Thanks for your help



XenForo developer
Staff member
The controls over what can be shown on the forum list are mostly limited to recent or random. You can choose to limit entries to specific categories though, so if you have some way of putting the only the best entries in a particular category, that could be used. Otherwise, it would require custom development.
Hi Mike
Thanks for the reply.
So any hints on how to implement that?

Perhaps for me the easiest way to me to put the artwork and link manually?
I just need the container below the header.. how can I add the container?



XenForo developer
Staff member
In general, the position in the screenshot isn't something that is available per page, though you could hack it a bit -- that would be within PAGE_CONTAINER.

Otherwise, if you just want it at the top of the forum list, you could add the necessary HTML to the forum_list template.