XF 1.2 How to add the entire Node-Chain to the URL structure? + 2 more questions



I have 3 important questions regard XenForo URL structure.

1. How to add the entire Node-Chain to the URL structure?
For example, I have a category, inside I have a forum and in there I have a Sub-Forum, the current URL structure will be:

I want to have the entire Node-Tree at the URL structure, for example:

2. How can I remove the number suffix from the forums URL structure? .42/ in this example above

3. How can I remove /forums/ from the structure?

Thanks in advance,

p.s -> great work XF!, I really like the forum that I bought.
p.s2 -> great mods and styles from the community, very impressive and creative peoples at this community :)


1 and 3 cannot be done. The second one is "URL Portion" in the node settings.
Well, then unfortunately I am facing a major issue in terms of SEO, duplicate URL structure is quite bad, even worse then duplicate content.

I end up with 12 pages, all of them with the same URL structure, well 99% the same if you do not include the number 42, 43, etc..


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I do not believe so no. The SEO in XenForo is fantastic and a quick search of the forums will show success stories or the system's default URLs.