XF 1.4 How to add '@' symbol to legacy tags from old tag add on

Lone Wolf

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I had [bd] Tag Me by @xfrocks installed on XF 1.1 now that I've moved to 1.4.7 all the old tags by [bd] are shown without '@' symbols.

Is there an sql query I can run to give them all '@' symbols?


XenForo developer
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It's not really something that can be done by a simple query, as you need to do regex-based replacements. You could likely do it with the post content replacer add-on.

Lone Wolf

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It only affects those tags which appear in the post like this....

[USER=2803]Lone Wolf[/USER]
Basically I need a variable that does this...

Find: [USER=2803]Lone Wolf[/USER]

Replace: @Lone Wolf