XF 1.5 How To Add Content to Conversation Based On Recipients

Dan Allen

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My boss and I talk privately in conversations. Can you image if we were talking privately forgetting to check if someone else is in the conversation? Like I did today. Good thing I was only making a jerk of myself and not saying something that would have given false impressions.

Here is what we want to do. If the conversation is just the two of us, set the border to each message to something we cannot miss.

So I am looking at the template for conversation messages. How do we test the recipient list from within there? I am delighted to see the recipient field in the conversations table is blob format. Is there a way to issue commands for reading those blogs from within templates.
Is there a way to issue any database commands from within templates?

Thank you.


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Have a look at the conversation_recipients template.

That has the $recipients array which includes the user IDs of all of the participants in the conversation.

You should be able to create a conditional statement based on that.