XF 2.2 How To - Add a new §Custom User Field" with presettings?


i'd like to add a new CustomUserField, to show "special content" (keyword linking) in threads.

For this, i must create a new userfield with "one option" -> "show content" = "yes".
When i create this field, the option is "not active" for the users.
How can i check the box for every user?

I would like to create a customuser field with one selectable option that is automatically activated.
If the user does not want to display the "linked keywords", he should have to deactivate the field.

How can I realize this?

kr Chris
The add-on has a function, to display the keywords only, if the user has activated a certain profile field.
A reverse query is not possible, at least with the standard settings.
If I create the profile field again, it is "not selected", so the keywords would not be displayed to any user.
And as I know my users, nobody will activate it by themselves ... the add-on would be unnecessary.

Maybe the coder can do some changes.

thanks for your reply
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