XF 1.5 How to add a field description to the Homepage field?


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The homepage field is confusing my users a lot. I have the field as non-mandatory on registration, but many people think its mandatory and fill in BS like google.com or my url. Which then triggers user moderation.

I need to add a text to the field to explain this. But how?
I am considering to add a template modification, but cant find the template involved. Does anyone know the best solution?

Chris D

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It isn't actually possible by default to display the homepage field on registration so I'm not certain what the solution would be there. I assume you're either already adding it yourself to the template or with a template modification or you're already using an add-on for it.

Arguably, if it isn't required, you probably could just not display it at all which would simplify the registration form and be less confusing.


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Its vital to have it, as it highlights a lot of spammers and organisation / company reps. Its optional so that representatives can fill it in and normal users can ignore it.

Thank you for the information. That allowed me to track the template modification that I needed to edit. It works now. :)