XF 2.2 How should I modify a temp mod of an add-on?


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If I modify it directly, it will be overwritten after the add-on got updated, right?

So where should I go for it?
More information is required.

What are you trying to do?

For example, there's a tempmod for an add-on for 'thread_view'


Markdown (GitHub flavored):
<xf:ad position="thread_view_below_messages" arg-thread="{$thread}" />


Markdown (GitHub flavored):
<some codes added>


I would like to move the added codes to another place instead:


Markdown (GitHub flavored):
<xf:extension name="below_quick_reply"></xf:extension>

If I change the add-on tempmod, it will be overwritten by any new updates I guess? So what should I do?
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