How much RAM is too much RAM


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I just inherited a server with 64GB of RAM. I set up a VM to host Xenforo. If I were to give that VM 32GB of RAM or 16GB will there be any advantage? I was thinking that for transcoding the extra RAM would be helpful.
First of all, it depends on how big and busy your forum is. If you are just starting out and only have a few posts I guess 4GB is enough.

A large forum can benefit from more memory. One of the rules of thumb is to use the size of your database as a reference. Performance-wise you should give MySQL the same or more memory compared to its size. So if your DB is let's say 8gb in size, give MySQL 8-12GB of memory. If you tune MySLQ correctly, the whole DB can be loaded in memory which should give you a performance boost.
So my db runs 1GB. Is that a typo "MySQL 8010GB" you mean 810GB? So if I were to give mysql 2 GB it could run from RAM. Cool.
I should have mentioned as well we have nearly 1 million attachments "photos" I was hoping to speed up delivery of thumbs.
(Off-topic: How does one inherit a server like that? Did the old owner pass away and in his last wish he gave it to you? :D
I wish I had someone giving me a server like that.)
My son is a security specialist and I get his hand me downs. I just got the I guess blade server 4 10GB SAS drives 4 processors Xeon, and 64 GB RAM. I also got a QNAP TS-879u-rp with 8 red drives which I'm using as a NFS share for disk space.
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