Paying too much for hosting


~17 million posts
average of 5500 posts/day
500+ daily active users
SQL Database Size 26 GB

Hardware specs (dedicated server):
CPUSingle Xeon 4-Core E3-1270 v5 3.6Ghz w/HT
Memory16GB DDR4
Uplink Speed1000 Mbps
Operating SystemCentOS 7 (64bit)
Control PanelcPanel/WHM
Hard Drives1 TB SATA (7.2k)
1 TB SATA (7.2k)
256 GB SSD

average inbound ~2 mbit/sec

Advanced Search:
Documents 17,014,343 (4.9 GB)
Index updates 60,805
Searches 4,837 (84 milliseconds average)
Allocated memory 54.8 KB

We moved from vB 4.x to xF 2.x last year and the performance difference between the two is like night and day (why didn't we move to xF earlier???).

We're very happy with our performance and our host with the exception of the cost. What I'm looking for is some feedback on hardware specs for hosting. We don't want to have a performance drop but we feel like what we have may be overkill.
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