XF 2.2 How many Q&A are asked?

Black Tiger

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I would like to use both one Captcha and Q&A which is unfortunately not possible.

So I'm going to use Q&A, but now my question is, how many of the quetions are asked during registration?
Is that only 1 question?
Or is that all the questions you create?
Or is there a way to setup how many questions are asked during registration? Because I can't find any option to do this.

And it would be nice if the forum software randomly could take for example 3 out of a bunch of created questions.


XenForo moderator
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Just 1 question.

The best way to use the system is to have a single question only.

When it is compromised and xrumer is updated, create a new question.

if you have multiple questions you will have no way of knowing which ones are compromised.

Black Tiger

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Correct, but 1 is easier to compromise then 3. If they found the one, they are trough.
If you have 3 and they know 1, they still can't get in until they know all three, so that's safer.

I presume if I put in 7 questions, the 1 question is randomly asked? Or only the first every time?

Pity only 1 is asked. But tanks for the quick answer.