XF 1.5 How many clicks to turn off all email notifications?


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What is the minimum number of clicks that a user can make to prevent all future email notifications while still remaining a valid user?

To stop getting email notifications on all watched threads:
I count this as 3 clicks: 1: navigate to link 2: confirm 3: go back

To turn off site mailings and conversations messages
4 clicks ( 1 to navigate, 2 to set options, and 1 to save)

Prevent future email notifications
6 clicks to turn off the four "and receive email notifications" options

Is there an easier way to do this? I didn't include the clicks it takes to turn off notifications related to watched tags, resources, or media because I didn't see a single link to turn off emails for them. I'd like to have a single link to send to people so they can turn off emails related to watched tags, though.
I've always been of the philosophy of opting people OUT of receiving email alerts at registration. If they want to receive it, then they specifically need to go in and enable that option.
I totally respect that, but I like having them on by default, like they do here. Most of my users probably wouldn't turn them on and I think it increases engagement.

Any other tips for decreasing the number of clicks it would take to turn them off?
This has been VERY frustrating for our community where people were imported into the system and are all having to tweak all the tons of areas that control email delivery. We are having (lazy) members just mark our emails as spam since there aren't easier ways (for them) to "just turn off all emails".

This is compounded by the fact (at least from what I can find) that as the admin, I can't view and edit all their settings for them. Example: I have a member that just Mark a bunch of emails as spam. I've been trying to work with them to adjust their settings , but they swear that they have set all of their profile settings to not receive emails, but they still are. I wish I could go into their account and screenshot the specific locations where they are having problems and they haven't sent things properly, but I can't do that. From what I understand, my visibility and ability to change all account level settings are very limited from the ACP.

Ideally, XF would have:
  1. A much easier "unsubscribe from everything email related" button / process.
  2. The ability for administrators to see and access all of the settings for each individual member
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