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How long before you start seeing pages Indexed.

I made the switch from VB to Xenforo just over a month ago. We set up redirects for old urls and have re submitted info to google. Its showing we have 26,500 pages submitted to google and 8000 images. So far we only have 542 pages indexed and 0 pictures. Any tips would be great!
Yes we have submitted a sitemap. We do have a high number of crawl errors. We had a large number of sub forums and removed over 2ooo and narrowed it down to under 100. All of the threads and state names remained in the same url location. We removed each individual race track name that had sub forums and changed them to prefixes.
Seems like you should have more pages indexed by now. Are you sure your redirects are working?
I checked the redirects and they seem to be working fine. As of the last update we have 575 of 25,560 indexed from the sitemap we submitted. Under index status it is showing we have 4603 indexed but many are old sub sections.


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When I switched over to XF back in 2012 on our big board, I used redirects and we were seeing pages with the new URLs within 36 hours. It may have something to do with our volume (we are almost near 13 million posts), so it could just be that we were being indexed at a higher rate (more Googlebots, IOW). We never saw traffic dip. If anything, it held steady then snowballed within three months. :)

If your redirects are working properly, I think you'll eventually be OK! Especially with the sitemap. When I used to code sites for a living, I made major changes to a client's site to boost page ranking, and it took about three months before we appeared on top again.

Just offhand--do you have anything in your robots.txt file limiting the speed at which your site is spidered? Likely not, but it might help to remove or modify it if it's there.
Still seems extremely slow. Google Webmaster Results.

Submitted 26,472
Indexed 681

Submitted 8,069
Indexed 2

Robots file is

User-agent: *
Disallow: /find-new/
Disallow: /account/
Disallow: /attachments/
Disallow: /goto/
Disallow: /posts/
Disallow: /login/
Disallow: /admin.php
Allow: /

Just noticed something while posting this. The sitemap URL in Google Webmaster is listed as Sitemap: https://www.racingtrader.ca/sitemap.php

Should I be using the https or http.


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Doesn't matter really it will read the URL's from the sitemap file, but you should know that https sitemap goes to a 404 error so you may want to adjust it so it gets the sitemap.

Also about the only thing you can do to speed up the crawl rate is to adjust it within webmaster tools, other than that just sit back and wait.
I was down to 602 Indexed when I checked today. I updated the robots.txt to remove the S hopefully that helps! It is not a high traffic site so the sitemap is important for google to find the content.
This is getting very fusterating. Since making the switch from VB to XenForo we just keep dropping month over month! what is going on? we are at 27,182 submitted and 442 indexed in google.