How integrated to Facebook?


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We are looking to convert from vB4.2.5 to Xenforo. We have an issue that members have left our forum for FaceBook. I am trying to learn how well integrated Xenforo is to Facebook. Will the two share posts back and forth on the public side?

I see you can use FaceBook for logins but what about sharing. is that feasible? Is it built into Xenforo or do we need an add-on? Looked at the manual and it seems to only cover registration. Or am I missing something?

Is there a way we can get these now two communities back together?



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There is no automated data sharing. Login support and share to Facebook button to the best of my understanding. For automated sharing you would probably need to use a third party tool that posts using RSS Feed. Xenforo can also create threads from a RSS feed I believe.