How has using social networks helped your community?


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Thought I'd hear opinions of other community owners on this as well, lately I've started adding more content on our communities social network pages and also branched out to new social networking sites.

We were first basically just on Facebook and Twitter. Our posts from Facebook is directly added to Twitter as well, since most of our fanbase follows us on Facebook and not Twitter, we don't dedicate much time to Twitter other than regularly checking for mentions.

Facebook has helped our community the most, thanks to our niche and the abundance of fans, posting two times a day during when most of our fans are online are showing good results, we also are using more famous pages of our same niche to share our links, which began today so we'll see the results of it in a couple of weeks!

We were just 110 likes a month back on our Facebook, and today we crossed 200 likes (currently 211 likes!), it's a sort of a milestone for us, and now we are gaining likes quite easily without having to spread the word, since the fans do that themselves. We've also seen an increase in activity on our posts, which is directing some traffic towards our site as well.

Not much working out on twitter, and we don't dedicate much time to it as well. We've connected our Twitter to our Facebook, so Facebook updates are automatically tweeted.

Pinterest is something we recently dived into, and I must say for our niche it is doing us quite a lot of good. Thanks to the help of some bigger "boards" of the same genre, our pins are getting re-pinned quite a lot and we're slowly growing on Pinterest.

Again, for our niche Tumblr is working out very well, especially for posts that share images/screenshots etc. We're new on it, but our posts are reaching out to a good number of people.

How has social networking worked out for you? Do you actively update your official community pages?


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It depends on the site and the audience. For any of my forums, social media did absolutely nothing for any of them.