How do you manage your community? Whats your strategy?

Max Fridman


Im here to ask to forum managers how they plan the life of their communities. For example you create content proactively with your moderation team? you create a podcast or a live show? you have run in the past or you are actually running commercial campaigns for find new users?

How you monetize them other than Google Ads? And Amazon affiliate programs?

What strategy bringed you the most ROI possibile?
  • Facebook Groups for feeding content?
  • Twitter hashtag creation?
  • Live Streaming on YouTube or Twitch?

My experience and my strategy:

I have a community running since 2007 (with the same name since 2010, this October we will have our 10th anniversary). In Italy at least the competition is not as bad for English speaking countries (they fight with Reddit). But we face with the same challenges others do, low contribution from users, lots of thin content etc.

What we are doing is building an editorial strategy to create content as a blog or a traditional site will do. We ranked our 250.000 popular threads found the trends and opened forums, writing guides and so on. We launched a podcast and a newsletter and working on making our curated content more relevant in our forum to improve discoverability. We launched a free course the Hacklog.
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