How hard is it to add Custom Alerts from a different system?



I'm planning to integrate XenForo with a gaming platform which has groups/events/etc.
But before we do so I'd like to know:

  1. how hard is it to add the XenForo header on every custom page?
  2. how hard is it to add custom alerts to a user?

Thanks a lot!


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Both of those are possible but will require programming knowledge.

An add-on already exists to apply the header and footer to other pages (Kotomi).
There are also Page nodes and other options.

Custom alerts have been created for many add-ons but it will require custom development.


Hey Brogan,

Thanks for your reply!
I have programming knowledge so I'll probably be able to make this. What I don't have, however, is XenForo knowledge.
How would I best go about realizing this? Through a plugin? Can I get a plugin to render custom Alerts based on templates/phrases in the database?

~ Claiver